Love your kid ♥ Love the planet ♥ Love our products

Welcome to the EarthKid blog.

We love this earth and we love our kids. So it’s only natural that we want the best for both. So how do we do that in a simple and affordable way?

Earthkid’s aim is to make it easier for you.

We’re passionate about raising our children to be earth kids. So we put a lot of energy into finding the most socially and environmentally sustainable toys, furniture and clothes you can find in Australia. Then have lots of fun testing them out to make sure they’ll last.

We aim to share with you our research and news on the fantastic things we find, and to inspire you with simple ideas for fun and learning that have a low impact on the earth.

We know how limited your time can be and that its not always possible to put as much thought into purchases as you’d like. So we hope this blog makes life a little more simple and lots more fun for you and your earth kids.

Visit our website or drop into the store for a whole range of quality children’s products you’ll love that won’t cost the earth.


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