Have you heard of the Slow Toy Movement? It’s a UK based campaign to promote a return to ‘real’ toys.  That is, toys that are well made and inspire the mind. Toys that don’t eat batteries and cause parental headaches; toys that capture kids imaginations and engross them; toys made from traditional, ethically sourced materials that will last for years and be handed down; toys that won’t be banished to the back of the cupboard after a short month.

Does this all sound familiar? Of course it does! These values and ideas are aligned with our own and, naturally, EarthKid LOVES the Slow Toy Movement!

British toy distributor, Thierry Bourret started this campaign in 2011 after dismay and annoyance that a plastic game about a dog doing a poo topped the UK Toy Retailers Association’s ‘Dream Toys’ list.

Using Carlo Petrini’s Slow Food Movement as his inspiration, he coined the phrase Slow Toy Movement and is now doing for playtime what Carlo did for dinner back in the 80’s as a comeback against the prevalence of nutrition poor, fast food.

Many toys today leave very little to the imagination, having a right and a wrong way of being played with.  The ubiquitous all-singing, dancing, flashing, button heavy toys provide little opportunity for inspired thinking, problem solving and creativity.

The Slow Toy Movement is also a riposte to the increasing number of brand licensed toys that are making it harder for small companies to compete in a market where global brands are spending millions on advertising.

Our pick of ‘slow’ toys

You don’t have to travel all the way to the UK to get your hands on slow toys, our shelves have always been stacked with them.

Here’s our pick of favourite EarthKid toys that epitomise the Slow Toy Movement values, including a wooden puzzle that teaches problem solving, colour, shape, language, abstract thinking and numeracy skills, plus a divine French inspired patisserie set to impress even the most sophisticated imaginary guest!

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